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Semi-Hiatus notice I guess?

//I apologize for not being on much lately. I haven’t been really feeling up to rping. I haven’t really lost my muse persay, but I just haven’t been in the rping mood. So I guess I’ll be going on a semi-hiatus. I have all my replies drafted, so I didn’t forget about anyone, I promise! When I get in the mood, I promise I will try to reply to a couple of my threads. Again, I apologize, and hope you all can bear with me!

//Sorry about the sort of hiatus guys. I promise I’ll try to be on more on Thursday, since I’m off.

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"Did you need something, Karin?"

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"Sasuke? Did you need something?"

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//So I’m back! I was going to get to replies and the like, but OMFG SOMEHOW I GAINED 8 FOLLOWERS SINCE FRIDAY WHAT EVEN YOU GUYS.

I’m now over 1500 followers i still don’t know what you all are doing here. So I will make a follower forever soon. I may do a video for this one, since this is just…..omg

Short absence notice!

//I know I haven’t been very active on here the past few days, but I wanted to let you guys know that I will be gone tomorrow and most of Sunday. I will try to be a little more active, and actually get to some of my drafts since I have 25 of them








"Did you need something?"

//Okay does anyone know how to get that stupid black bar off the top of the screen? You know, the one that says ‘Stop internet slowlanes from ruining everything’? Its pissing me off


Damn Sasuke, throwing a tantrum saying he’s gonna kill the kages and shit all just because Sakura held Kakashi.