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"Pleaaaaaaaseeeeee",he was on his knees now.

"I said no!" she sighed. "You’re old enough to do it yourself."

"Sakuraaaaaaaaaa", he whined.

"Whining won’t help."

M!A Sex Pollen (Open RP)



When Sasuke pulled her close, Sakura closed her eyes, knowing what he was going to do. Opening them again, she realized they were back in his house. “You shouldn’t use that too much. It uses a lot of chakra doesn’t it?”

"It doesn’t hurt me that bad Sakura since I’ve trained with it." Sasuke said closing the gap between them to give her a kiss. "After we’re done here, we can still look for things for the apartment."

"Why do I always get side-tracked when I’m with you?" she sighed, though she didn’t always mind. It just tended to take longer to get things done that she needed to do.




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Sakura reached out, gently running her fingers along the silver-haired man’s left eye. There was a scar there, and she had always been curious as to how he got it. He was sleeping at the moment, napping in the training field, and his left eye was uncovered. So she was brave, and took the chance.

He hummed somewhat haply as she continued to run her finger along his scar, though Kakashi managed to use such a tone of voice when doing so it would seem that he continued to sleep. But when he felt her fingers lift the mask’s cloth from skin, Hatake’s eyes cracked slightly. “You know, I only let people who plan to kiss me take that off.” The hokage said, in a voice that landed somewhere between a warning and flirting.

Her fingers quickly disappeared from his mask as she jerked them back at his voice. A blush tinged her cheeks and she looked away. “Uh r-right…sorry….” she mumbled. Sakura glanced back at him. “Why were you sleeping in the training field anyway? Don’t you have work to do?”


Well that was good. Totally unexpected too. Because Sakura would likely wake up with his insects swarming around her, and Shino having not moved, at all. It appeared his insects were rather upset about that, and their way of getting Sakura’s attention was to crawl on her till she decided to notice them.

Sakura groaned in her sleep, feeling something on her. She swiped it with her hand, but she began feeling it more and more. With a frustrated sigh, she blinked her eyes open-only to see bugs crawling all over her.

And cue the ear-splitting scream. She frantically brushed them off as she jumped out of bed, her heart racing. Her eyes found the boy in her bed, and she found a book and hurled it at him.

"Shino! Wake up and get your damn bugs!"

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"Sakura-chan? What for?" he queried with mild concern, as he tried to mentally list out all the things he had done that week that could potentially land him in trouble.

"I wanted to know if you’d help me with my shopping. Ino’s busy, and Sasuke has other things to do."

She didn’t need to get a lot, but it would help if she had someone to carry her things for her.

"So please?"


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"Sasuke? Did you need something?"

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She’d noticed the boy following her, and tried to keep the blush off her cheeks. Getting up some courage, she turned around to greet him.