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//Welp, I gotta go. I’m going to be gone for the rest of the night, but I will be back on tomorrow. I promise I’ll get to any replies then! Also, if you’d like a starter like this!

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Anonymous said:
Pick-up line: "Were you born from a flower? Because you seem to have bloomed quite beautifully~"
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"That’s so sweet, Anon. Thank you!"

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"Happy birthday, Sasuke~" She had missed him, and was glad he was finally back.

"Thanks Sakura." Sasuke said as he returned her kiss, wondering if she had something in mind.

"I have to leave for a mission soon, but I promise when I come back tomorrow, I’ll give you your present, okay?"

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"Happy birthday, Sasuke~" She had missed him, and was glad he was finally back.

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pink-haired-kunoichi said:
"I'm sleepy"



Sasuke was sleeping in his bed alone in his house located in Uchiha compound in Konoha. Room was empty and dark, street lights weren’t working in this part of town. Sasuke heard noise in the distance. Sharingan activated as he jumped out of bed and pushed the person against wall. His forearm pressing on their neck. After few seconds he properly woke up and noticed who it is. 


Sasuke kept looking at her because he usually didn’t flinch with his eyes even during conversation that would embarrass him. Sakura’s face seemed content and honest everything about her was so bright and fair, he wondered if there is darkness radiating as much from him as light from her. She learned from her mistakes and kept being strong. Sasuke possessed none of the qualities she had, except strength and maybe that’s why he valued her as person, because she was opposite of him. He used to find it weak and stupid but more and more lately he thought of it as admirable.

Their eyes were focused on each other, his dark like night in Konoha and hers green. He didn’t want to answer. It was too exposing. “Yes. I experience it less then when I was child.” He said and pressed his hands tighter around mug. The warmth was pleasant.  ”They are not always about anything in particular.” It wasn’t lie many of his dreams just felt like genjutsu. He was kid lost in darkness, sight of his dead parents and his brother’s hand bloody. “I prefer not to think of it. It’s just dream it has no value.” Yes that was he was telling himself as kid. 

"When you finish that tea we should go back to sleep. Sun will rise soon."

She wasn’t sure what to say to that. He hadn’t really told her exactly what his dreams were about, but maybe he didn’t want to open up that much yet. It didn’t surprise her, so she didn’t let herself feel upset about it. It was just how he was, Sasuke wasn’t very open about much.

"Sure, alright." Sakura finished off her tea, not too slowly but not fast either. She was enjoying sitting here quietly, drinking tea with him. She knew if she’d gone to Naruto he wouldn’t have been like this. After she finished, she pushed the cup away, smiling slightly. "Thank you, Sasuke. That helped me relax a little."

She began to wonder how the sleeping arrangement was going to be. Would he let her sleep with him? They would just be sleeping, so it didn’t bother her. But if it bothered him, she didn’t mind sleeping on the floor. “So um….where should I sleep?”

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shogitensai said:
"I made you a hot tea."



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"Ah, really? Thank you, Shikamaru." She took the tea from him with a smile. "What was this for though?"


He simply nods and finishes his tea, setting aside his cup before fixing his gaze towards the sky. “Well I preferred a conversation where I wouldn’t lose brain cells. I figured you’d be the best choice.”

"I guess I’ll take that as a compliment then." she laughed lightly. "So how’ve you been Shikamaru? Are missions going well?"

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  • [text] Are you lost?
  • [text] NO! That was a typo
  • [text] Did you buy it?
  • [text] I think I’m a mermaid
  • [text] I know it’s 3am, but come over and cook for me. 
  • [text] Too lazy to booty call, so have this text instead
  • [text] Need to bury a body, it’s urgent.
  • [text] Are you sure there’s no monsters?
  • [text] It was an accident.
  • [text] lol fuk da police
  • [text] send me a picture and i’ll be home quicker ;)
  • [text] Well maybe I broke my tongue!
  • [text] Please tell me you’re free today! I’ve got some big news today.
  • [text] Got a spare ticket, do you want to come?
  • [text] Do you have a spare mankini I can borrow?
  • [text] Is fancy dress allowed at the wedding?
  • [text] I was using my old baby blanket as a makeshift skirt because no pants
  • [text] We were banging then all I remember is coming down hard and smashing my top teeth off his forehead… I just rolled off and tapped out. 
  • [text] Like alphabetically, I’d say a t?
  • [text] I’m sorry if throwing up in the back of your dad’s car ruined our friendship :(
  • [text] there is absolutely nothing wrong with two grown men staying up all night singing karaoke and drink out of juice cartons. don’t judge me.
  • [text] I found a door knob in my purse this morning, I hope whoever it belonged to doesn’t need it today.
  • [text] Do you know where I am?
  • [text] My wedding is in 5 hours and I have no idea where I am. Help!
  • [text] We played Rock Paper Scissors to see who would get a piggy back ride home. I’ve never been so broken.
  • [text] Is “head down ass up” an appropriate way to say good morning?
  • [text] That is definitely not healthy, in fact I’m not sure it’s legal to send that sort of picture?
  • [text] There isn’t enough cookie dough ice cream at home, so I’ll be heartbroken tomorrow instead.
  • [text] Not sure if I took a nap or went to another dimension
  • [text] No no don’t leave me, who’s going to walk me home
  • [text] She wheeled me home in a trolley and sad she loved me, I think I win.
  • [text] My dick just got serenaded.
  • [text] I ate the whole wheel of cheese. Help.
  • [text] I’ve been hiding under the bed for the past 20 minutes, and now they’re getting into it and it’s a little too late for me to jump out and surprise them. So expect a live sex updates
  • [text] The fridge is fully stocked. I’m either hallucinating or this is a miracle
  • [text] I need you to help me clean the house because I have visitors in less than an hour???
  • [text] Your brother is at the front door- WHAT DO I SAY?!
  • [text] It’s all fun and games till someone says you’re so pretty they could punch you and they, you know, punch you
  • [text] I’m in A&E but I don’t really know why
  • [text] Went to bed with a 10, just about woke up with a 2 and a half
  • [text] I think I’m officially a homewrecker because his wife just walked in screaming and he said it’s not what it looks like. I mean what else could it look like? I wasn’t trimming his hairs with my mouth?!
  • [text] My night ended with me crying in a gutter, I hate you.
  • [text] He’s decorated the toilet with his urine. I never want to see him ever again, tell him he has 2 minutes to get out of our house.
  • [text] Don’t talk to me! You tried to trade me for a glass of wine and a cigarette!
  • [text] I promise I’ll get everyone to jelly wrestle with us xox
  • [text] I am armed with a crown, a sash and a bouquet of flowers. Don’t test me.
  • [text] I think I got married last night?
  • [text] I think I got married on impulse last night… and after looking a second time, I don’t think i’ve made any mistakes.
  • [text] My mouth tastes like poor choices
  • [text] I didn’t let go of the mechanical bull, but they had to pull me off because… it was rough just the way I like it and I think that showed?
  • [text] If I say it was accidental you’ll just say I’m lying
  • [text] There is an alarming amount of glitter in my… everywhere
  • [text] You’re my hero
  • [text] You’re the worst thing to ever happen to me, thank you
  • [text] Have you ever had a good idea in your life?
  • [text] Are we going to end up in the hospital again?
  • [text] It’s not a good night if I don’t end up crying into your mother’s lap.
  • [text] Mark my words, your dad will be my sugar daddy, he’ll marry me and you’ll have to call me momma bear and I will interrupt your sex life with condoms and condiments.
  • [text] I’m may be allergic to nuts, but not his.
  • [text] She high fived me out of pity
  • [text] You walked in wearing nothing but a beekeeper mask
  • [text] You just walked in, rated their performance, dragged in three other people to clap for them, then walked back out.
  • [text] You kept calling me baby Jesus and trying to see what wise men had to say about my hair…
  • [text] I am a responsible adult. I tied up my hair before I puked
  • [text] I am a responsible adult, I brought home a lost kitten and let it shit in your room
  • [text] I accidentally talked myself into a threesome, when did I become so smooth?
  • [text] It may or may not have been your sister…
  • [text] It may or may not have been your brother…
  • [text] If you’re not coming over with food, don’t come over at all
  • [text] Call me and get me out of this conversation NOW. My co-worker is talking to me about her birds having sex again…
  • [text] Buy me a helicopter, I will give you the last slice of pizza. pls. this is important. okay maybe the crust?
  • [text] Let’s never forget the time I met you while you were running down the street naked and in handcuffs.
  • [text] I tried to put lipstick on my eyeballs, help.
  • [text] I told her my cum counts as protein shake and she sent a text to my gran saying I ate her cat.
  • [text] If you don’t fuck me hard, rough, and senseless the minute we’re alone in your room, I’m returning you to the boyfriend store
  • [text] I accidentally sexted your mum, I’m sorry xox
  • [text] There can only be one screw up per family and I was here first. Get your shit together bro
  • [text] I feel like you’re pretending I didn’t bail you out of jail last night for trying to staple a cushion to the top of their car so you had a “comfy place to sit”
  • [text] You climbed the fence and then started crying because you were scared of hamsters, I really don’t know what you took, but you need a babysitter.
  • [text]  I wish we could all take a bath together. Not in a “let’s fuck” way. But in a relaxing drunk in the tub sort of “let me wash your hair” way.
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”..Have a good time..” He simply replied, slightly hurt at the pinkette’s statement as he turned solemnly and started to head on down the street.

Sakura sighed, hurrying after him before grabbing his arm. “Naruto, stop pouting! If you wouldn’t be so childish, maybe we wouldn’t think that about you. But I didn’t mean to upset you. Come on, come with me to get everyone!”

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